29 July 2015

July Birchbox Review

My Birchbox this month was AMAZING. This box most likely falls in the top three boxes I have ever received in my 2+ years as a Birchbox subscriber. The first product I reached for when I opened this box was the stila stay all day liquid lipstick in Venezia. I put this on immediately and loved the color, a mix of bright orange and pink. Within seconds the lipstick was dry and stayed put for a few hours. In fact, I accidentally fell asleep before taking this off and to my surprise (6 hours later) it didn't come off all over my pillow and the color was mostly intact.

I have previously received other Macadamia products in my Birchbox and enjoyed them. I was excited to try the Macadamia Professional leave-in conditioner. The description states that this light-weight conditioner is both a protector and detangler. It seemed to work well as a protectant from my curling iron without adding weight. When it came to detangling- they weren't lying when the directions state "Spray liberally." I may be impartial to other types of detangling/conditioning products because I have found THE ONE here. This does come as a close second with smell, consistency, and performance. Until they discontinue my Beauty Protector Detangler, this one will have to wait.

theBalm Desert Bronzer- Lets start with the sample size on this one. I actually laughed out loud when I read that this was a bronzer. I don't have it pictured on here, but think tiny. The color itself is a nice chocolate brown that would look great as either a bronzer or eye shadow. It was a little dark for my fair/light skin tone. It goes on easy and blends nicely, with a little going a long way. Overall I would recommend to Birchbox or theBalm to issue a shallow but wider sample packaging vs eye shadow size. Overall I would consider purchasing this brand of bronzer, in a lighter shade.

Do you ever fill a cart online in hopes that your financial situation will allow you to purchase all the items, but sadly it doesn't? When it is available, the amika Un.Done Texture Spray has been sitting in my Birchbox cart on and off for months. Then it arrived. I savored the cute little can for a week before trying it. Like all amika products I have tried, this one did not disappoint. It smells wonderful without being overpowering, it sprays evenly, is light, and effective. Back in my cart it will go (on backorder right now) to be purchased indefinitely!

It's hard to rate the items in this box because they are all great, but if I had to pick one favorite it would be the COOLA SPF 30 Organic Makeup Setting Spray. Before I opened my birchbox this month, I would say the amount of times I used a makeup setting spray was twice. Honestly, I am usually running behind and opt for simple products that can be applied quickly. To me, a setting spray seemed like a "special occasion" product. Then I tried this. I won't lie to you, I got a little in my eyes the first time (mistake) it burns. BUT it works, is organic and has SPF 30! The trifecta! Having fair/ light skin and a strong family history of Melanoma, I am so glad to have this. I am not one to wear lots of makeup to the beach or pool, usually a few waterproof things and a full-thickness sunscreen. I am getting the hang of spraying my face without flinching because the end result is worth it. I already bought the full-sized version and will continue to wear this daily and re-apply when out in the sun.

Birchbox Plus item-
As a bonus upgrade to my box, I added the Sunski Headlands Sunglasses in Pink. These UV400 polaroized sunglasses are adorable. I have taken them to the pool and wear them frequently without scratches or any issues. Would I purchase them for the full retail amount of $48? No, but for a bonus I enjoy wearing them.

Overall this was a huge win of a box for me. I apologize I haven't been posting more reviews, life has been crazy to say the least. I am getting back on schedule and have been trying lots more products so expect more reviews soon!

As always if you would like more information on Birchbox follow the link here for a referral.