10 January 2016

December Birchbox

Last month I decided to do something different than the traditional review of my Birchbox. Each Birchbox has been arriving later and later in the month and Instead this is an initial impression/ unboxing.

On first look, I absolutely love it! Four of the items I had been wanting to try. 

The first item that caught my eye was the eyeshadow from Coastal Scents in Formal eyes. The two shades appear to work well together. The first shade is a matte light peachy shade and the second a rose-gold shimmer that I can't wait to use.

 When swatched, the pigment seems just okay, a primer may help with distribution and wear. 

I LOVE this eyeliner by Eyeko already! Even though it looks like a permanent marker, I think it is awesome. The shape and size makes it easy to hold and the felt tip aids in application. 

The lines come out smooth and dry quickly. 

This is a picture of what happened when I attempted to open the MSC Skin Care +Home Lavender and Bergamot Body Nectar... Do not be confused by the long name, its oil. I do enjoy using oil on occasion for my hair and skin. There is a competition for over-powering scent between the apricot kernel, sunflower, or coconut oil that I do not like. Also the sample bottle is so difficult to open without spilling all of the contents, making this more trouble than it's worth for me. 

Although they are out of my everyday budget for hair care products, I am always happy to receive Oribe products to try including this Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. The smell of this is sweet and pleasant. This seems light with build-able texture and reduced oil well, at the root. On first spray there is no white residue to rub in or absorb. I will continue to try this to see how lasting and effective it is.

I have been wanting to try Parlor products, so I am glad one finally made its way in to my Birchbox. The Parlor Touchable Curl Cream seems like a nice styling treatment. I like the clean smell and the formula is not greasy. The description eludes to decreasing frizz while also heat protecting. I try to avoid blow drying most days, but I frequently use a curling iron which can put this to the test.

Overall, I am happy with this Birchbox and am excited to use almost all of these great products. Interested in receiving your own monthly box of goodness? Follow  the link here.