22 November 2015

October Birchbox Review

Last month was another great box from Birchbox! Each product is something I would have picked to try myself, which is not always the case when it comes to subscription boxes. Even though a couple of the items didn't work out for me, I was very pleased with the selection.

The first item I tried was the R & Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo. Is it just me or is dry shampoo an overwhelmingly popular item in the beauty community? Don't get me wrong, any day that my hair looks great without the need to wash it, is a good day. I find this dry shampoo works very well on my blond hair and the smell is great. This dry shampoo adds a light amount of buildable texture making second (and third) hair days easier to style. Bonus for our dark-haired friends, no white residue! 

When I was given the option to customize this box during sample choice (a window of opportunity when subscribers are able to choose one of their box items while supplies last), I chose the Stila huge extreme mascara

The wand of this mascara has an hourglass shape with short bristles. Even after one application, there is a noticeable difference in the volume of my lashes. I would give it a medium(5) clump factor on a scale of  no clumps (0) to one wide eye lash (10). The turn off for me was the complete lack of curl. Even with the assistance of an eye lash curler, the lashes looked volumized, yet short and straight. After a couple hours I also noticed slight redness and irritation in both eyes. For my lashes and preference, I will probably not purchase this mascara in the future. 

Seeing a face mask in my Birchbox is like winning a prize. I LOVE trying new face masks here and there on a night when I am also painting my nails and drinking wine. There are a few I put off to the side for use when the specific need is applicable (travel, exfoliating, etc.). With only one to sample, I tried the BioRepublic Skincare Pomegranite Crush fiber mask one morning after work, shower, and facial cleanse. This mask is a little different because it is saturated with product. At one point I thought it was dripping down my face. The mask fits large, but can be manipulated to overlap with even coverage. On application, the mask feels wonderfully cool and warms slightly during wear. After removal, my skin did feel well moisturized with added elasticity. I would try this mask again!

As a frequent hand washer, I was eager to try the Jane Iredale HandDrink Hand Cream. The description claims to "hydrate, renew, and even skin tone" while providing SPF 15. Though I do really like the idea of an SPF hand cream, this did not live up to my expectations. The formula was thin and dried quickly. This made repeat and heavier applications necessary. The biggest drawback for me, the smell. I enjoy light flower and sweet fruit fragrances, but the smell is nauseatingly strong. 

The last product was already a favorite of mine. I had previously received a sample of the Vasanti BrightenUp Enzymatic face rejuvenator and loved it. The novelty with this exfoliator is the micro crystals. Many scrubs and exfoliants use larger crystals or beads that can be diluted in cleanser with a loss in effectiveness. 

Not unlike the grittiness of fine grained sandpaper, no surface is untouched with physical exfoliation. I also love that these micro crystals can reach the harder to reach areas such as creases in the chin and sides of the nose. it also has a pleasant clean smell and warming tingle as it works. I prefer to use this two to three times a week and follow with a very hydrating moisturizer or mask. Will definitely be purchasing this in the full-size. 

Overall, I have really enjoyed trying the products I received in my October Birchbox. There are a lot of new value sets and limited edition boxes for the holidays coming up. Stick around, I will be reviewing some of them! Interested in trying Birchbox for yourself or sending the perfect gift? Follow this link

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  1. I love your October review...I went with the Estee Lauder Game Face LE box which I loved! :)