04 August 2015

July Favorites

July was no exception to how fast the summer has been flying by. Throughout July I tried a lot of new products and found some new favorites.

1. Bombshell Lip Balm 2. Albiet Lipstick 3. LAQA & Co lip/cheek stain

To jump in, I'll start with last months go-to lip products. I am limited to the range of colors that are work appropriate. Fortunately, I found three great options including bombshell lip balmAlbiet Lipstick, and LAQA & Co Lip Cheek Stain. The Bombshell lip balm in French Kiss has been a great every day balm with a hint of pink while also maintaining subtlety at work. It feels moisturizing like a balm, and the color seems to make my skin look more that a thing? It is awesome!

I have been waiting years to buy the Albiet Lipstick in Peony ever since I heard it here. I LOVE this color, a neutral coral pink that is perfect for fair/light skin and seems like every hair color. It comes in a luxurious gold tube that looks great out on a vanity or to take out. It is pricey for a lipstick I'll admit, but after I finally made the purchase I couldn't be happier that I did. 

I first heard about LAQA & Co on Birchbox and immediately liked it. This color Humble Brag comes in the new Candidly Nicole guest editor box for August. It is a darker pink that can be worn as a lip or cheek stain. I have been using this primarily as a lip stain that LASTS and feels hydrating not greasy. 

Stila Aqua Glow Watercolor Blush in Water Poppy

Speaking of hydrating, Stila Aqua Glow Watercolor Blush in Water Poppy is my next product. After reading Lauren's Birthday Haul post (a fellow Birchblogger) I ran out and got this blush. The color is a bright orange/pink perfect for summer. The formula for this blush is gel and word to the wise, a little goes a long way with this. Of course, the first time I tried it I took a nice sized dab and even that was too much. As a gel blush, it goes on cool and has a glowing affect. As hot as it has been outside, I like to dab a little of this on with some mascara and start my day.

Marcelle BB Cream is another Birchbox favorite of mine. I have received several Marcelle products in my Birchbox and decided to try this out. I feel like I am always running behind and when it comes to makeup in a hurry, this is my current solution. As much as I like to spend 30 min on my makeup, I just can't seem to find that, especially before work. That being said, BB cream to the rescue. The shade is fair/ light and it seems to match well. The coverage is light/medium and build-able using my fingers to apply. Unfortunately, this BB cream does not contain SPF...enter my next product, COOLA SPF organic makeup setting spray. I reviewed this spray here. After purchasing the full-sized, it quickly became a monthly favorite.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Vanilla and LAQA & Co Humble Brag

After all the hype, I had to try Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. Formulated with coconut oil and claiming to provide undetectable, yet full coverage...seemed too good to be true. I used my 20% off coupon at Ulta ($38 seems medium to high in price) and went for it. Having dry skin in the summer is no joke. Increasing water in take, a nightly moisturizer, and around the clock SPF wasn't helping. Sometimes putting any sort of product or foundation on my face, just seemed to accentuate the dryness and highlight any peeling. Gross. When I first went to color match this foundation I tried applying a small amount of Vanilla on one side of my jaw and Nude on the other. For fear of being helped by an associate and lack of time, I hauled out of there. (Do you ever just want to shop alone?) I realize they could have helped match my shade, but times before and even the Color IQ at Sephora was a fail. So I got in my car to see which shade looked best in natural light and I couldn't remember which was which; they both looked great. Later that night I took a closer look and could even feel the difference. Where there had been foundation was smooth and the surrounding areas dry and peeling. I went back and got the lighter shade knowing my summer tan (if you can call it that) would fade in to the paleness I have grown to appreciate. The first day I took the time to apply this foundation, I took it for a test drive in New Orleans heat walking thru the French Quarter. After sweating and walking around for a few hours it still looked great without feeling heavy or melting. Even under to fluorescent lights at work this foundation looks great. If you are on the fence about this one, I highly recommend trying it.

L'Oreal Paris Infallible 2-step nail polish
Last months impulse purchase was L'Oreal Parish Infallible nail polish. A friend of mine at work recommended this 2-step polish to me claiming that it "lasts days even with all the hand washing." Earlier in July I tried Revlon's Gel Envy polish that lasted me approx 3 days...hmm. I am especially critical of nail polish because I pick it off at the first sign of chipping. Call it a nervous habit or OCD, but few things look as bad as chipped up nail polish. So after the first chip, I'll removed it all. But when one nurse tells you something works thru work, it peaked my interest. I found Forever Candy and a few other shades at CVS. I was taken by surprise at how pricey they are ($10), but it does come with two polishes a base and special formulated shade specific top coat. I like the packaging because both polishes can be easily transported together or separated. The color comes out as a bright red vs a pink and the brush is fantastic. It fans wide but coats an even thin layer, easily tackling the corners of the nail without buildup. After two coats of base and one of the top coat, the dry time is only a few minutes. When dry, the shine is so great that they look wet. I managed to keep this on for 7 days before chipping, including cleaning the house and three 12 hour shifts of constant hand washing!

July was an awesome month for new and loved products. I have already started accumulating new products for Augusts favorites. Check back for more reviews and favorites! Have a product you think I should try? I'd love to hear from you!

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