04 November 2015

September Birchbox Review

Is it just me or are the monthly Birchboxes getting better and better? I honestly dont know where all these curated, limited edition boxes, sample choices, and Birchbox plus items are coming from, but it is exactly where all my money is going..

Lately, I have been selecting one of my samples during sample choice time and waiting patiently for my box as it arrives the third or sometimes forth week in the month. This month Birchbox had a little Faux Pas when they sent me a repeated sample. I was rewarded with 50 Birchbox points as their apology, which of course I used almost immediately (I can hardly ever save them). 

Even with the repeat, September was a great batch of products. My first and favorite product is my new POP Beauty eye shadow trio. In the past I prefer to stick with neutral eye shadow colors in the warm brown/ gold catagory. One application and I was in love. The colors range from a deep purple to a silver, that look amazing together. 

Paired with my IT Cosmetics brow powder, my eyebrows are filled and set with Benefits Gimme Brow in medium/dark (which was WAY too dark for my skin tone and hair color). I prefer to keep my eyebrows neat with moderate volume. I would hardly say they are anywhere close to "#fleek". But with the addition of a small amount of this gel, I can acheive my desired shape and volume in a way that also lasts through my day. I will definitely be purchasing the full sized version, however it will be in light/medium.

Seriously can anyone get enough of the smell of amika products? The Shield- style extending spay is no exception. This spray is very light-weight and dries quickly. As the weather has been changing, I haven't tested it's ability on humidity yet, but I will keep using it for heat protection when blow drying or curling.

Pores no more! was my repeat sample this month. As a product I have enjoyed in the past, it was nice to have another sample. My pores look smaller, skin feels tighter and deeply cleansed after using this cleanser. This product does have a tendency to dry out my skin, so added moisture after drying is a must for me. Overall, I really enjoy this cleanser from Dr. Brandt.

As a subscriber, I opted to receive six or fewer fragrance samples during the year because I am very picky about my perfumes. I only wear one of the two perfumes I own on special occasions, so I am hardly ever in the market for more. Eau So Divine by Harvey Prince found its way into my Birchbox I was pleasantly surprised by it's scent. It is a sweet, but not too sweet scent with a hint of floral and woods. I would very seriously consider this if I was to make a third participant in my fragrance party of two.

Overall I really enjoyed September's Birchbox. Receiving these boxes half-way or at the end of the month makes reviews during the month difficult, therefore I apologize for the delay. I do have most of October's review almost complete so stay tuned in the next day or two for that as well!

Want to try Birchbox? Heres a link to your customized box of delux samples for only $10/month.

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